About Fink & Fink

Fink & Valvo PLLC was founded in 2008 by James A. Fink and Karen Quinlan Valvo. In 2012, Jim and Karen were joined by Karl Fink (Jim’s oldest brother) and Joshua Fink (Karl’s son). When Karen was appointed as judge to the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor, the name of the firm was changed to Fink & Fink.

Karl Fink has since retired, but in 2023, Mariah Evans Fink joined Fink & Fink after practicing in Dexter as Fink Law PLLC since 2010.

In addition to partners Jim, Joshua, and Mariah, Fink & Fink consists of attorneys Parisa Ghazaeri, Konrad Siller, Jillianne Engen, and Naomi Fink.

Karl Fink and Jim Fink are the oldest and youngest sons of Robert V. Fink, who practiced law in Washtenaw County from 1941 until 1973, when he was appointed as a 14th District Court Judge.

Joshua, Mariah and Naomi are Karl’s children. Their maternal great-grandfather and his son both practiced law in Chicago, Illinois. Their sister, Elisha V. Fink founded Fink Law PLLC in Dexter in 2005 and is now a Washtenaw County District Court Magistrate.

For the Finks, the practice of law is truly a family business!

The attorneys at Fink & Fink practice in many areas of law, including civil litigation, probate litigation, estate planning, municipal law, landlord and tenant matters, family law and real estate.

Fink & Fink participates in the MetLife Legal Services program. If you are a participant, please mention that when you call to make an appointment.

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